#629 - Champagne !

Parquet courts (Rough trade) Wide Awake - Wide Awake

Moron’s moron’s (slovenly recordings) Indecent Exposure - Rate your teacher
Flat worms (text me records) Motorbike - 11816

Ezra firman (Bar/none records) Day of the dog - Tell’em all to go to hell
Villejuif underground (Born Bad records) In the beginning there was us

Dangerhouse : Delaney Davidson & Pleasures

Parquet courts (Rough trade) Wide Awake - Freebird II
Parquet courts (Rough trade) Wide Awake - Tenderness

#628 - Palatine & co

Palatine (Yotanka) - Gran Paon de Nuit - Paris Londre

Harlan T Bobo (Beast/Goner Records) - History Of Violence - Ghost
Low Parade (SR) - Kick It - Lightning Wars

Fantastic Negrito (Black Ball Records) - Please Don't Be Dead - Plastic Hamburger
Théo Lawrence & The Heart (BMG) - Homemade Limonade - Never Let It Go

Dangerhouse #346
La Luz (Hardly Art) - Floating Features - Loose Teeth
Asphalt Tuaregs (Antitune Rcds) - Raw Art Act - No Justification

Palatine (Yotanka) - Gran Paon de Nuit - Baton Rouge

#627 - Eclectique

Shannon Shaw (Easy Eyes Sound) - Shannon in Nashville - Make Believe

Jonathan Bree (Little Chief Rec) - Sleepwalking - You're so cool
Cigarette After Sex (Partisan Rec) - S/T - Apocalypse

Hot Boogie Chillun (Internashville Rcds) - 18 Reasons To R n'R -  What Happened To Me
Lewsberg - S/T - Terrible

#E626 - Cockpit

Cockpit (Teenage Menopause Records) II - White fang

Thank (Cruel nature records) Sexghosthelltape - Thank the Universe
Idles (Partisan Records) Joy as an act of resistance - Danny Nedelko

Jaromil Sabor (Clip à voir sur Casbah Records) Fountains of Wayne cover - Sink to the bottom
Titanic Bombe Gas (Azbin Records) Babapt is gorgeous - Write Drama


Cockpit (Teenage Menopause Records) II - Hollow man
Cockpit (Teenage Menopause Records) II - Traphouse

#625 - Emission pointue

Peter Kernel (On The Campers) - The Size of the Night - The shape of your face in space

Parquet Court (Rough Trade) - Wide Awaaake - Before the water get too hight
Wooden Shijps (Thrill Jocket) - V - Already Gone

Routine Death (Fuzz Club) - Parallel Universe - Charm Tooth
RF Shannon (Fuzz Club) - Trickster Blues - Tooth Ache

V/A "Music From Planet Earth Vol 3" (Stag O Lee) - Gene Vincent - Spaceship To Mars
Cosmic Psychos (Subway Rcds) - Loudmouth Soup - Feeling Average

#624 - Ramdam 9 compile de printemps !

Ramdam 9 - Compile de printemps ! Cliquez ici pour la télécharger gratuitement sur notre bandcamp ! C'est cadeau !

Ramdam 9 - Compile de printemps ! : Talky nerds - Dead moon night

Orchestre tout puissant marcel duchamp (Bongo joe) Sauvages formes - Blow
Subsonics (Slovenly recordings) Flesh colored paint

Wire (Pink Flag) Nine sevens - 12XU
Cabbage (Skeleton key records) Nihilistic glamour shots - Arms of pleonexia

Dangerhouse : African Scream contest Vol 2 / Mien

#623 - Lame de fond

Lame (Alien Snatch) - Alone & Allright - Memories

Black Boy On Moped (Beast/Castagne Rec) - Love.... - Blind
The Valderamas (Azbin) - S/T - Holding Head Hight

La Luz (Hardly Art) - Floating Features - Circada
Shannon Shaw (Easy Eyes) - S/T - Freddies & Teddies

Altin Gun (Bongo Joe Rcds) - Coca Dunya - On
Gilles Pellegrini & the Stew (Cameleon Rcds) -  "Live At Week-end Club de Paris" - Get It

Lame (Alien Snatch) - Alone & Alright - Deep in the Barn

#622 - 1968

Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild
Beatles - Revolution
Count Five - Declaration Of Independance
Gainsbourg - Initial BB
Nino Ferrer - Les petites jeunes filles de bonne famille
The Doors - Waiting For The Sun - Love Street
Led Zeppelin - I - Dazed and Confused
Ricardo Ray - Nighty Gritty
Geogie Boy - Quick It
Lee Hazzlewood - Nancy & Lee - Summer Wine
Zombie - Odyssey and Oracle - Time
Velvet Underground - White Light/white Heat
Amboy Dukes - Baby Please Don't Go


King Tuff (Sub Pop) - The Other - Psycho Star

Broadway Lafayette (Hound Gawd) - Subway Zydeco - Méchant
The Dirtbombs (In The Red) - We have Surrounded - Wreck My Flow
Mama Rosin (Moi j'connais) - Bye Bye Bayou - Sorry Ti Monde

Danse du Chien (SR) - Monsters & Mermaids - Summerless
Catl (Beast) - Bide My Time U,til I Die - Sundown and Slow

Cavemen (Slovenly
) - Nuke Earth - Batshit Crazy
Reverend Beat-Man and the New Wave (Voodoo Rhythm) - Blues Trash - I Have Enough

#620 - Playliste de printemps

Ultravox ! (Cherry red) To the outside of everything a story of uk post punk - Young Savage

Slowdive (Dead oceans) Slowdive -  Everyone knows
Suuns (Secretly canadian) Felt - X-Alt

The men (Sacred bones) Drift - Maybe I’m crazy
Vuelveteloca (fuzz club records) Sonora - Alta montana

A place to bury strangers (Dead oceans) Pinned - Frustrated operator
Moaning (Subpop) Moaning - Don’t go

Courtney Barnett (Milk) - Sometimes I sit and think and sometimes I just sit - Dead fox
Aldous Harding (4AD) Party - Horizon