#620 - Playliste de printemps

Ultravox ! (Cherry red) To the outside of everything a story of uk post punk - Young Savage

Slowdive (Dead oceans) Slowdive -  Everyone knows
Suuns (Secretly canadian) Felt - X-Alt

The men (Sacred bones) Drift - Maybe I’m crazy
Vuelveteloca (fuzz club records) Sonora - Alta montana

A place to bury strangers (Dead oceans) Pinned - Frustrated operator
Moaning (Subpop) Moaning - Don’t go

Courtney Barnett (Milk) - Sometimes I sit and think and sometimes I just sit - Dead fox
Aldous Harding (4AD) Party - Horizon

#619 - Jaromil Sabor

Jaromil Sabor (Casbah records & Howlin Banana records) Second science - Astral army

Peter Kernel (On the camper records) The size of teh night - Men of the women
The shifters (Future folklore records) Colour me in

Iceage (Matador records) Beyond less - Hurrah
Shame ( Dead oceans) Song of praise - one rizzla

Dangerhouse (Vintage crop - Tv organs / Sugar kid - Valence Democracy)

Jaromil Sabor (Casbah records & Howlin Banana records) Second science - Sun Slaves

#618 - Spring is coming

Shannon & the clams (Easy eye sound) Onion - It’s gonna go away
Reverend beatman and the new wave (Voodoo rhythm records) - Blues trash - I’m not gonna tell you
Cockpit (Teenage menopause records) II - Queen

Rites of spring (Dischords records) Hidden wheel 1987
Uptone bones (Black et noir) Split avec les Thugs - Spring is a cat 1990

Derapage (Les Disques à Rebours) Toujours à Cran -  Collé à la Butée"
Hot Snakes (Sub Pop) Jericho Sirens - Jericho Sirens

#617 - Volage

Volage (Howlin'Banana) - Permanent Feeling - S/T

Rank (Dangerhouse Skylab/automate) - Fake Memories - War Is Declared
La Secte du Futur (Third Coming Records) - Wounded Princes - Reset All Memories

En attendant Ana (Buddy Records) - Lost and Found - This Could Be
Pack AD (Cadence Music) - Dollhouse - S/T

# Dangerhouse
V/A "Calypso Madame" (Maaula Rcds) - Coconut Woman
Chicken Diamond (Beast Rcds) - Skeleton Coast - 12AX7

Volage (Howlin'Banana) - Permanent Feeling - Sally's Code

#616 - JC Satan

JC Satan (Born Bad) - Centaure Desire - S/T

Lame (Alien Snatch) - Alone And Allright - Evelyne
Ponctuation (Blow The Fuzz) - Mon Herbier Du Monde Entier - 3 Semaines

Sufis (Burger) -After Hours - S/T
Sonny Smith (Easy Eyes Sound) - Rod For Your Love - Adventures

Starcrawler (Rough Trade) - S/T - I Love L.A
Marlon Williams (Dead Oceans Rcds) - Make Way For Love - Come To Me

JC Satan (Born Bad) - Centaure Desire - Complexe Situation
JC Satan (Born Bad) - Centaure Desire - Erika

#615 - Action Punk Vision

*Disque vedette : ACTION TIME VISION : a story of independent UK Punk, 1976-1979.
Coffret 4 CD. Cherry red Records, 2017.

Alternative TV - Action time vision (1978)*.

Gontard - Arcade fire (LP Tout naît/Tout s’achève dans un disque. Ici d’Ailleurs, 2018).
Dominique A - Nationale 137 (CD bonus Ursa minor, avec le LP Toute latitude. Cinq7/Wagram, 2018).

Marquis de Sade - Conrad Veidt (LP Danzig twist. EMI, 1979).
Swell Maps - Seymour says (1978)*.

# Dangerhouse
Dead Brothers.

#614 - VOX LOW

Vox Low (Born Bad) - S/T - Now we're ready to spend

Meat Wave (Big Scarry Monster) - The Incessant - To be swayed
Babe Punch (SR) - EP - Control

Legendary Tigerman (Sony) - Misfits - Motorcycle Boy
Trixie & the Trainwrecks (Voodoo Ryhthm) - Free cheers to nothing - No good Town

Broadway Lafayette (Hound Dawg Rcds) - Subway Zydeco - Bayou Lover
Ramblers (Dangerhouse Skylab) - Ramblin'Back To The Grave - Here I Go

Vox Low (Born Bad) - S/T - Some words of faith

#613 - Transe Glow

Don Glow (Casbah Records) - The Intention Flow - Project Hill

Catl (Beast) - Bide my Time until i die - Cocain Blues
Soledad Brothers (Estrus) - S/T - Rock me slow

Dusturbs (Dangerhouse Skylab/ GPS) - Summer Pleasures - Chika Boom
James Hunter Six (Daptone) - Whatever It Takes - I Got Eyes

Guttercats (Pop The Balloon / Ghost Highway / Beluga) - Follow Your Instinct - A Trip Down Memory Lane
Shame (Dead Oceans) - Songs Of Praise - Concrete

Don Glow (Casbah Records) - The Intention Flow - Almond Drive

E612 - Punk or Die

The Scaners (Multilabel) - S/T - The Dries
Radioactivity (Dirtnap) - S/T - World of Pleasure
Mind Spiders (Dirtnap) - Furies - Outside

Epoxies (Dirtnap) - S/T - Need More Time
The Brief (Lolipoop) - Steel Your Heart - Criminal Youth

Don Glow (Casbah Records) - Intention Flow - Parallactic Dreams
Release le 23 février au Farmer de Lyon

Honeychain ( Screaming Apple) - Crushed - Bombs Away
Rank (Dangerhouse Skylab / Automate Rcds) - Fake Memories - Sixteen

E610 - Duck's Jammin'

E610 - Duck Duck Grey Duck (Casbah Records / A tree in a field) Traffic Jam - Ultra Zouk

The dead borthers (Voodoo rhythm records) Angst - Everything's dead
Shannon and the clams (Easy eyes sound) Onion - Backstreets

Sonic Jesus (Fuzz club records) Deadman
Black rebel Motorcycle club (Abstract dragon) Wrong creatures - spook

Dangerhouse : Jonecy / The Dirt burst